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Contact Us Home   |   Web Design   |   Architectural Viz   |   Graphic Design   |   3D ePublications   |   Contact Us Please use this form to contact us. We will respond shortly. We are locate in Park City, Utah USA. We do all our work here and do not outsource anything. Our prices are reasonable and we offer a quick turnaround since we do not take on more work than we can handle. 10% of our cost is donated to dog rescue. more more more more Park City, Utah Thomas, owner My name is Thomas and I have lived here in the Park City area for the last 6 years. I’m originally from Norway and I fell in love with this place since it feels like home. I’m an avid skier and sailor. I also have a deep passion for dog rescue, especially Great Danes. I have two rescue Danes, one is 13 years old. I also do research on expanding the age of large breed dogs. My goal is to double their “current average lifespan” I also have done extensive research on preventing and reversing cancer in dogs. If anyone want to contact me in regards to my research please fee to do so using the contact for on this page. Help wanted! I’m in need of a good copy writer to help me with my writing.. This will be on a contractual basis. Use the form on this side to contact me Cito Navigia LLC dba 5577 Design